We are pleased to announce the introduction of another entry in the Wilson Raptor family of loudspeakers.

Introducing its largest and most powerful representative, the Raptor 9 Max column.

This is a modern and exuding power design, responding to the expectations of those users who value increased performance, but are not indifferent to aesthetics and classic timelessness of design. Like the rest of Wilson’s new designs, they bear the notation “Developed and Engineered in Denmark” on the nameplate, referring to the recognized traditions of loudspeaker creation and indicating cooperation in their creation with the Danish design office and the Scandinavian school of tuning.

The availability of two colors for the speakers’ finish, black and white, will make it easier for users to match them to their listening room or living room environment. In addition, the Bass-Reflex system’s front-mounted port not only allows for much higher efficiency in the low-frequency range, but also provides the opportunity to place the speakers much closer to the walls than would be possible with speakers with a rear-mounted port.

The reinforced structure of the Raptor 9 Max cabinets has been carefully crafted from thick 18mm MDF panels, covered with a durable and aesthetically pleasing layer of modern vinyl with a texture that deceptively resembles the surface of wood finished with a slight gloss over the entire surface of the side, top and rear walls. The front of the column is capped with a panel of modern plastic in white and black with a slight gloss, respectively. The plastic is resistant to color change and the undesirable effects of light and time, which is important especially for white columns that are placed in heavily sunlit rooms. Black grilles covered with a specialized material that is acoustically almost neutral, are fixed with mounting studs, giving the possibility to cover up the technical image of the columns.

The Raptor 9 Max speakers are a three-way design of considerable size, characteristics and power are intended for use in larger rooms, where they will show their full acoustic capabilities. Thanks to stronger cabinet design elements and internal reinforcements, the whole is much less susceptible to vibration, and the aforementioned Bass-Reflex port outlet on the front panel allows for greater dynamics and bass depth.The whole can be seated stably on large aluminum cone-shaped spikes, complemented by protective spike pads to protect the floor from scratches.

The crossover, developed for this project, ensure consistency in the sound of all elements in this design. Two woofers with a diameter of 8″ (20.3 cm) each, a midrange driver with a diameter of 6.5″ (16.5 cm) and a 1″ (2.5 cm) tweeter with a textile dome were embedded in the enclosure. The drivers use tightly compressed cellulose diaphragms of the highest quality and high stiffness, similar to the rest of the Raptor series.

The speaker terminal panel is conveniently located low at the rear of the cabinet. Gold-plated bi-wiring/bi-amping terminals allow independent connection of the woofer and midrange sections. The terminal caps are large and angled, making them convenient to use, plus they are color-coded to reduce the possibility of connection errors.

The speakers are designed to work with amplifiers from 50 to 250 watts. Both the size, power and well-proven design of the speakers in the brand’s other products allow for a large music stage in which the listener will be able to accurately locate individual sound sources in space. The sound is not offensive, while letting the listener know that the sources are large drivers with a reserve of possibilities. As a whole, it carries a strong message with a considerable charge of energy and emotion, while maintaining realism and conveying well the original intentions of the creators of music rich in content.

The Raptor 9 Max speakers, due to the size of the cabinet, the capabilities of the large driver assembly offer a solution that music lovers with a little more available space in the listening room will reach for. They offer greater adaptability to your Hi-Fi system and its power.

Like the other speakers in the Raptor series, the 9 Max can also be used as front speakers in multi-channel home theater systems. Their choice will be appreciated by demanding users, eager for a powerful movie-watching experience. As a complement to them, there are numerous product options in the extensive series – rear effect speakers, center speakers or higher tier speakers for a system supporting Atmos surround sound. To complete the whole, we also suggest using the current models of Wilson SUB series subwoofers in the home theater.