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Raptor 5/Mini/Vocal - 5.0 Speaker Set

The many years of experience of WILSON brand engineers in constructing unique audio-video products, today translates into high-quality equipment at a reasonable price. The RAPTOR 5.0 Home Cinema Set 5/Mini/VOCAL is your guarantee of clear sound from high-quality products. The multi-channel sound coming out of the speaker columns strategically placed in the room translates into perceived sound. Speaker columns from the RAPTOR series by WILSON are made entirely of the highest quality materials.

For the construction of flexible driver baffles press paper was used, which is characterised by high strength, making the entire structure light and rigid. The set is available in classic and yet elegant white or black. The color scheme of the speakers ensures that they will perfectly match both extravagant and subdued interiors.

Proven excellency in design

Superior quality finish

Excellent speaker
placement flexibility

Natural finish look
for your interior

Raptor Series

Raptor is our most extensive and versatile line of loudspeakers. They allow you to precisely select the size and power to suit your needs. The wide selection of floorstanders will provide ample power and high quality sound in both small living rooms and large listening rooms.

The possible combinations of multi-channel home theater systems allow for any configuration with both bookshelf and in-wall speakers. In addition, the versatility of the Raptor X speaker allows you to create an over-column configuration for Dolby Atmos upper-layer listening.

Stereo enthusiasts will also find a great deal of flexibility in choice to suit their needs and room.

Wilson loudspeakers will satisfy the discerning music lover and fit seamlessly into the style of any room. Each Wilson speaker awakens the senses and heightens the intensity of the musical experience.

Raptor 5 - floorstanding speaker

Scandinavian design fits any interior

Simple, neat, Scandinavian design. Nice housing blocks and proportionate, unpretentious. Raptor 5 speaker will work well both in a classic, subdued interior and extravagant space matching the modern style of housing.

Bass-Reflex type cabinet

Sturdy enclosure with front firing Bass Reflex offers much higher efficiency in the low frequency range when neded.

Wooden-like vinyl finish with glossy front panel

High quality housing covered with aesthetic layer of modern vinyl, with a wood-like surface finished with a slight gloss on the entire surface of the side, top and back walls. The material provides long-lasting resistance to colour change and unwanted effects of light, which is especially important for a white finish, when the columns are placed in very sunny rooms.

Acoustically transparent black fabric grille

Together with the available material grilles in classic black, mounted on traditional mounting pins, the entire column looks attractive and does not disturb the interior with its presence.

Acoustic properties

Two-way construction in a classic form is equipped with a tweeter: 1″ (25mm) with soft dome and powerful woofer/midrange drivers: 2x 5″, providing a versatile depth of experience in both stereo and home theater.

Great experts opinions

According to the experts’ evaluations, the speakers have well-developed processing characteristics: in the wide mid-high range, with slightly raised bass.

Balanced and rich sound

Sound: balanced and dynamic, with rich bass response, powerful vocals, smooth treble and an optimal dose of detail.

Raptor Mini - bookshelf speaker

Smallest in the lineup

Raptor Mini bookshelf speaker, like the other components of the Raptor family, is a high-quality product that flexibly adapts to any interior. The classic form and small size provide a wide range of applications.

Great for microsystems

Starting with micro/mini Hi-Fi systems, through classical home cinema systems to complex multi-channel cinema systems.

For home office or small room

Due to its small size, it can also be a quality music accessory for home or private office workers if a small amplifier is used to power it.


Raptor Vocal

Must have center speaker

Raptor Vocal center speaker – an indispensable component of a home cinema system.

Designed to support Raptors in home theater systems

The combination of this speaker with the other components of the Raptor family in a home cinema set-up offers the impression of real surround sound and clear-sounding dialogues, thus translating into realism of the viewed image and high quality of reception.

Cabinet construction

The construction is providing a high quality housing covered with a durable and nice looking layer of high quality vinyl, with a structure resembling a wood surface finished with a slight gloss on the entire surface of the side, top and back walls.

Glossy front

The front is covered with a glossy plastic panel in white and black respectively. The material provides long-lasting resistance to color change and unwanted effects of light, which is especially important for a white finish, when the columns are placed in very sunny rooms.

Grilles with acoustic neutral fabric

Both black and white speakers are equipped with the classic black grilles with fine textured material.

10 Years Warranty!

Extra-long warranty period
at no extra charge for worry free listening

Free Shipping in EU

Loudspeakers delivered at no cost
within European Community

45-days Return Policy

Longer time to make an
informed decision at home


  Raptor 5 Raptor Mini Raptor Vocal
Type: Floorstanding speaker Bookshelf speaker Center speaker
Frequency response[+/- 3] dB [Hz]: 50-20.000 Hz 60-20.000 Hz 50-20.000 Hz
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]: 88 dB 83 dB 88 dB
Impedance: 4-8 Ohm 4-8 Ohm 4-8 Ohm
Maximum SPL [dB]: 108 dB 103 dB 108 dB
Recommended amp: 40-150Watts 25-125 Watts 25-125 Watts
Crossover Frequencies [Hz]: 2400 Hz 2500 Hz 2600 Hz
High Frequency Driver: 1" (25mm) soft dome ¾" soft dome 1" (25mm) soft dome
Woofer/Midrange Driver: 2 x 5" 1 x 4" 2 x 4”
System, Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex Bass Reflex Bass Reflex
Connection lnput(s): single single Single
Accessories included: spikes rubber feet rubber feet
Available finishes: Black, White Black, White Black, White
Dimensions: 170 x 839 x 263 mm 148 x 238 x 165 mm 430 x 140 x 165 mm
Net weight: 9.90 kg 3.00 kg 4.50 kg


Raptor 5 – Procuct Sheet

Raptor Mini – Product Sheet

Raptor Vocal – Product Sheet

Wilson Raptor – User’s manual