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Compact in size, powerful when we talk about bass

The Wilson SUB-9 is a compact and good-sounding subwoofer in the elegant Wilson style. With an 8″ (210mm) long-throw woofer, a robust cabinet, and a built-in 150W Class A/B amplifier, it provides good low-frequency support for both home theater surround sound and stereo systems.

High quality components and great engineering

The robust 8″ driver is built using only the highest quality materials and specially designed and precision engineered to match the cabinet and amplifier perfectly for superior performance at all volume levels.

Cabinet designed to minimize vibrations and resonanse

The MDF enclosure construction provides excellent low-frequency sound without distortion – no unwanted resonance or vibration from the enclosure, and the superior tunnel Bass Reflex system provides maximum bass response.

Great to work with stereo or home theater systems

The Wilson SUB-9 can be connected to all stereo amplifiers and AV receivers and is easily customized to meet the needs of your surround or stereo sound system.

Advanced built-in amplifier

The Wilson SUB-9 has a built-in low-pass filter – so it is recommended that you set the low-frequency cut-off on your amplifier to its maximum value and adjust this parameter from the subwoofer level (crossover knob) for optimal effect.


Type: Active subwoofer
Enclosure: Bass Reflex system
Driver: 8" (210 mm) long-throw woofer
Inputs: Cinch stereo input
Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60 Hz AC
Phase Switch: 0-180 degrees
Volume: Adjustable
Frequency range (-3dB): 25 - 150 Hz
Cut-off frequency: Adjustable
Output power: 150 Watts (RMS)
Available finishes: Black
Dimensions: 305 x 275 x 310 mm
Net weight: 9.20 kg


Sub-9 – Product Sheet

Sub-9 – User’s manual