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Mid-sized subwoofer for cinematic experience

The SUB-10, is an active woofer with a Bass Reflex system, making it ideal as an audio booster in home theater setups. The SUB-10 is ideal as an additional component in your home theater to enhance the clean source of a powerful soundtrack or to dynamically amplify the effects you hear.

High quality amlification and filtering

The use of an amplifier equipped with both an active and passive low-pass filter, significantly increases the flexibility of the SUB-10’s application.

Great bass response without vibrations

Sturdy MDF enclosure provides excellent low-frequency sound without resonance or vibration from the cabinet Bass Reflex system provides maximum bass response.

Great companion to any system

The Wilson SUB-10 can be connected to wide range of AV receivers and will also meet the needs of surround or stereo sound systems.


Type: Active subwoofer
Enclosure: Bass Reflex system
Driver: 10" (250 mm) long-throw woofer
Inputs: Cinch stereo input
Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz AC
Phase Switch: 0-180 degrees
Volume: Adjustable
Frequency range (-3dB): 25 - 150 Hz
Cut-off frequency: Adjustable
Output power: 150 Watts (RMS)
Available finishes: Black, White
Dimensions: 320 x 320 x 330 mm
Net weight: 11.60 kg


Sub-10 – Test – [EN]

Sub-10 – Product Sheet

Sub-10 – User’s manual