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Wilson Studio 3

Home bookshelf speakers with professional studio DNA trace

These speakers are designed for hi-fi home stereo systems, wherever it is not possible to use larger floorstanders, or in audio systems in additional rooms of an demanding user.

The applied construction and technological solutions have been taken from professional studio monitors. The design ensures both natural and precise sound reproduction and its new styling inspires confidence with its professional connotations.

Proven excellency in design

“Proven studio originated acoustic feature”

Feel and hear the sonic difference

Invisible mounting for a greater look

Studio Series

  • The Studio Series introduces a new line of Wilson loudspeakers.
  • These speakers are designed for home hi-fi stereo systems.
  • The design and technology are derived from professional studio monitors.
  • New to the Wilson brand, this approach ensures both natural and accurate sound reproduction, and the new design inspires confidence with its professional connotations.

Who will love it?

  • Openminded and innovation-oriented stereo music lovers, seeking for more ears and eyes experience
  • Willing to spend reasonably more, but expecting modern speakers of reliable technology and non-orthodox in design approach
  • Those looking for a more compact design without sacrificing audio quality


28 mm soft dome tweeters are deeply embedded in a large 5-inch fiberglass horn, evenly distributing the sound. A powerful neodymium magnet is used in the driver design.

The whole creates an acoustic solution proven in the best studios. The acoustic system is also created by individual 5-inch mid-bass driver, whose baskets are made of cast aluminum. The Kevlar membranes are embossed on the surface, which further strengthens the rigidity of the structure. Large and massive magnets weighing over 280g have been used in their construction.

5-inch mid-bass driver

28 mm soft dome tweeter



Bass-reflex and terminals

Bass-reflex port with rounded outlet ends is located at the back of the cabinet above the terminal section.

There is also an aluminum panel with single cable terminals with a gold-plated contact surface set in front. Terminals with large, transparent nuts with polarity markings make it easy to attach both unterminated and pre-terminated banana or pitchfork type speaker cables.

Panel was anodized in black, giving a brushed metal effect, thus becoming an integral part of the speakers’ design. Already at first glance, the whole column reassures the user about the high quality of materials used and the manufacturer’s attention to detail.

Beautiful finish with woodden like structure

The sleek and uniform-looking cabinet is constructed using thick MDF boards covered with high-quality vinyl with Walnut or Smoked Oak wood-like winyl.

The cabinet can be placed on anti-slip rubber pads. The aluminum Wilson logo emblem on the grille is brass or silver, depending on the color version of the cabinet.

Comfortable and nice looking unique round grilles

Color also depends on the finish of the cabinet – black acoustically transparent material for black speakers, and dark beige, falling into the aged brass for walnut speakers. In addition, the small size of the grilles makes them easy to store when not in use, which usually with traditional designs can be troublesome for users.

"The music played by these nicely crafted monitors gains with each successive minute of listening, as we begin to notice many aspects of the sound that, with most speakers at a similar price, we would not pay attention to."
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"...if you are looking for loudspeakers capable of showing the potential of your systems, and at the same time not putting too much strain on your home budget you do not particularly feel like committing some reprehensible misalliance, then you should be interested in the heroines of this test, because I dare say that even with amplifiers for 10-15 kPLN their presence may prove fully justified..."
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Proven marriage of products for stereo listening

Studio 3 performs perfect with

Studio 3 performs perfect with


Type: bookshelf speaker
Frequency response[+/- 3] dB [Hz]: 50-20.000 Hz
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]: 89 dB
Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
Maximum SPL [dB]: 108 dB
Recommended amp: 30-100 Watts
Crossover frequency [Hz]: 2400 Hz
High Frequency Driver: 1"" (28mm) soft dome
Woofer/Midrange Driver: 1 x 5 1/2 ”
System, Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Connection lnput(s): single
Accessories included: rubber feet
Available finishes: Walnut, Black
Dimensions: 173 x 245 x 288 mm
Net weight: 3.60 kg


Studio 3 – Product Sheet

Studio 3 – User’s manual

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