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Design and technical possibilities to please audiophiles

It is a modern and elegant design that responds to the needs of users for whom both technical parameters and time and fashion resistant design are important. The classic and simple construction of Raptor 9 columns with their style and availability in two classic colours – black and white – allows them to be seamlessly integrated into the surroundings of almost any room.

Raptors 9 will be appreciated by users looking for strong front floorstanders in multi-channel home theater systems. The size, power and well-proven design of the speakers allows for a large music scene offering the possibility of precise location of individual instruments in space. The sound is not aggressive, but at the same time it brings a considerable load of emotions with great naturalness, well reproducing the moment of recording songs in the recording studio.

Proven excellency in design

Superior quality finish

Excellent speaker
placement flexibility

Natural finish look
for your interior

Raptor Series

Raptor is our most extensive and versatile line of loudspeakers. They allow you to precisely select the size and power to suit your needs. The wide selection of floorstanders will provide ample power and high quality sound in both small living rooms and large listening rooms.

The possible combinations of multi-channel home theater systems allow for any configuration with both bookshelf and in-wall speakers. In addition, the versatility of the Raptor X speaker allows you to create an over-column configuration for Dolby Atmos upper-layer listening.

Stereo enthusiasts will also find a great deal of flexibility in choice to suit their needs and room.

Wilson loudspeakers will satisfy the discerning music lover and fit seamlessly into the style of any room. Each Wilson speaker awakens the senses and heightens the intensity of the musical experience.

Drivers and crossover

The crossover developed for this design has been integrated to ensure that all the elements in this design are consistent in sound. It includes two low-range drivers 16.5 cm each, a 13 cm mid-range transducer and a 2.5 cm tweeter with a fabric dome.

Proven technologies membranes

The driver’s membranes have been built according to a scheme proven in other speakers of the Raptor series, from tightly compressed cellulose of the highest quality. This has resulted in a highly desirable stiffness with their low weight.

Front firing Bass-reflex port

Front firing port of the Bass-Reflex system allows the speaker to be much more efficient in the low frequency range and placed much closer to the wall than would be possible with speakers with the rear port. This is an important argument for users who use an audio system in common rooms, where the amount of space and the layout of furniture forces some compromises.

Raptor 9 characteristics suggest their use in larger rooms, where they will be able to develop their full acoustic capabilities. The rigidity of the column structure and the limitation of the susceptibility to vibrations are ensured by using thick MDF walls.

Glossy front panel for elegant look

The front of the cabinet has been closed with a glossy plastic panel in white and black respectively. The material provides long-lasting resistance to colour change and unwanted effects of light, which is especially important for a white finish, when the columns are placed in very sunny rooms.

High quality finish with wood-like structure

The construction is providing a high quality housing covered with a durable and aesthetic layer of modern vinyl, with a structure delusionally resembling a wood surface finished with a slight gloss on the entire surface of the side, top and back walls.

Traditional black fabric grille

Together with the available material grilles in classic black, mounted on traditional mounting pins, the entire column looks attractive and does not disturb the interior with its presence.

Gold plated high quality wire terminals

A panel with single speaker terminals is placed low at the back of the housing. The high-quality terminals provide a secure connection to the cables thanks to both the gold plating of the electrical contact elements and the convenient design of the nuts. They are colour coded in a way that limits the possibility of making a connection error.

"The Raptor 9 are among Wilson's most versatile speakers, which means they will sound good not only with a variety of amplifiers, but even in not-so-conducive placement close to the walls."
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"Sound - strong, close midrange, supported by dense bass, treble in a complementary role. The effect of analog" sound, free from sharpening, but lively and dynamic. Highly set stage further distinguishes this sound among "low" competitors."
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"A reliable, versatile unit. The Raptor 9, the largest of Wilson's Raptor series, is a classic in design and construction, with build quality appropriate to its class and a consistent sound that seeks to impress. It's well-rounded, clean and has a high volume that, in our opinion, lacks some precision and nuance, but in the long run it's a speaker that's listenable and entertaining. "
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Type: Floorstanding speaker
Frequency response[+/- 3] dB [Hz]: 40-20.000 Hz
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]: 91 dB
Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
Maximum SPL [dB]: 110 dB
Recommended amp: 50-220 Watts
Crossover Frequencies [Hz]: 700 Hz /2500 Hz
High Frequency Driver: 1"" (25mm) soft dome
Midrange driver: 1 x 5”, cellulose membrane
Low frequency driver: 2 x 6 ½ ”, cellulose membrane
System, Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Connection lnput(s): double, binding posts, gold-plated, banana-plug compatible.
Accessories included: spikes
Available finishes: Black, White
Dimensions: 195 x 1160 x 302 mm
Net weight: 16.70 kg


Raptor 9 – Product Sheet

Wilson Raptor – User’s manual