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Largest and most powerful in Raptor series

The Wilson Raptor 9 Max is the largest and most powerful of the Raptor Series. It is identical in height to the Raptor 9, but 2.5 cm wider and 2 cm deeper. Raptor 9 Max speakers are a three-way design of considerable size, characteristics, and power are intended for use in larger rooms, where they will show their full acoustic potential. Modern and powerful design, responding to the expectations of those users who appreciate the increased performance but are not indifferent to the aesthetics and classic timelessness of design.

Proven excellency in design

Superior quality finish

Excellent speaker
placement flexibility

Natural finish look
for your interior

Raptor Series

Raptor is our most extensive and versatile line of loudspeakers. They allow you to precisely select the size and power to suit your needs. The wide selection of floorstanders will provide ample power and high quality sound in both small living rooms and large listening rooms.

The possible combinations of multi-channel home theater systems allow for any configuration with both bookshelf and in-wall speakers. In addition, the versatility of the Raptor X speaker allows you to create an over-column configuration for Dolby Atmos upper-layer listening.

Stereo enthusiasts will also find a great deal of flexibility in choice to suit their needs and room.

Wilson loudspeakers will satisfy the discerning music lover and fit seamlessly into the style of any room. Each Wilson speaker awakens the senses and heightens the intensity of the musical experience.

Solid and stylish cabinet construction

The reinforced structure of Raptor 9 Max enclosures constructed from thick 18 mm MDF boards, covered with a durable and aesthetic layer of modern vinyl with a structure deceptively similar to the surface of wood finished with a slight gloss on the entire surface of the sidewalls, top, and rear.

The front-mounted Bass-Reflex port not only allows for much higher efficiency in the low-frequency range but also gives the possibility of placing the speakers much closer to the walls.

Drivers and crossover

The enclosure houses two 8″ (20.3 cm) woofers (20.3 cm) each, a 6.5″ (16.5 cm) midrange driver, and a 1″ (2.5 cm) tweeter with a textile dome. The drivers use tightly compressed cellulose membranes of the highest quality and high rigidity, as in the rest of the Raptor Series. The crossover ensures the consistency of sound of all elements in this construction.

Two classic finishes to choose from

Available in two finish colors, black and white, the speakers will make it easy for users to match them to their listening room or living room environment.

The front of the column is closed with a panel made of modern plastic in white and black colors respectively with a slight gloss. The plastic is resistant to color changes and undesirable effects of light and time.

Raptor 9 Max loudspeakers, because of the size of the cabinet, the possibilities of a large set of drivers offer a solution that will be reached by music lovers with a little more space available in the listening room. They give more possibilities of adjustment to the Hi-Fi system and its power.

Bi-wiring and Bi-amping options

Gold-plated bi-wiring/bi-amping terminals allow independent connection of the woofer and mid-high frequencies.

The whole can be seated stably on large aluminum cone-shaped spikes, supplemented with protective spike pads to protect the floor.

10 Years Warranty!

Extra-long warranty period
at no extra charge for worry free listening

Free Shipping in EU

Loudspeakers delivered at no cost
within European Community

45-days Return Policy

Longer time to make an
informed decision at home
"The great advantage of these speakers is that they present a clean and energetic sound at very high volume levels, which confirms that they were created just for playing loudly (-) You can then create a sonic spectacle like at a rock concert, or organize a lavish party without worrying that the speakers will go up in smoke."
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"(-) Developed and constructed in Denmark, the floorstands can't be denied surprising sophistication and culture of delivery. In addition, they will be able to show their full potential with definitely more expensive electronics than themselves, which allows to build with their participation a high-end system not only classically stereo, but also multichannel."
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Type: Floorstanding speaker
Frequency response[+/- 3] dB [Hz]: 35-20.000 Hz
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]: 92 dB
Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
Maximum SPL [dB]: 112 dB
Recommended amp: 50-250 Watts
Crossover Frequencies [Hz]: 500 Hz /3500 Hz
High Frequency Driver: 1"" (25mm) soft dome
Midrange driver: 1 x 6 ½ ”, cellulose membrane
Low frequency driver: 2 x 8 ”, cellulose membrane
System, Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Connection lnput(s): Bi-Wiring
Accessories included: spikes
Available finishes: Black, White
Dimensions: 235 x 1160 x 323 mm
Net weight: 24.20 kg


Raptor 9 Max – Product Sheet

Wilson Raptor – User’s manual