Exclusive Line EL-8

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Wilson Exlusive Line EL-8

Elegant design fitting to any room

Exclusive Line EL-8 is an exceptionally elegant and modern loudspeaker system. With their slender cabinets, luxurious black piano lacquer, and meticulous craftsmanship, these loudspeakers will be the centerpiece of any elegant living room or listening room.

Rigid enclosures of these speakers are characterized by low resonance. The quality of their workmanship, exterior finish is at the highest level. The manufacturer has also gone to great lengths to ensure that the quality of the paint has been maintained to the highest standards.

Excellent acoustic qualities

This line, as all Wilson loudspeakers, have been engineered to reproduce music that sounds real and authentic. A large, adequately deep soundstage does not seem to be confined by the walls of the room. The precise placement of extraneous sound sources and the precise stereophony and lack of distortion add to the pleasure of every listening experience.

Working with a good amplifier and virtually any source, these speakers deliver sound quality at the level of high-end speakers. EL-8 loudspeakers are ideal for larger rooms or for placement closer to walls. Offering excellent value for money, they seem to be an offer for a wide range of lovers of good audio.

Proven excellency in design

Superior quality finish

Comfortable grille storage
when not in use

Invisible mounting
for a greater look

Exclusive Line Series

  • Wilson Exclusive Line loudspeakers are extremely elegant and modern.
  • With their sleek cabinets, luxurious black piano lacquer, and meticulous craftsmanship, these loudspeakers will grace both the elegant living room and the audiophile listening room.

Who will love it?

  • Demanding users who appreciate advanced technical and unique design solutions used in more expensive speakers, for much lower price.
  • Demanding listeners and movie lovers who expect high performance speakers being also a stylish fashion statement of their room.
  • Equally designed for men and woman, thanks to balanced mix of power, timeless form, subtle details and universal finish choice.
  • Users open for glamour subjects, high gloss and shiny designed.

Proven driver solutions

The carefully engineered, two 6″ extremely rigid woofer-midrange drivers, combined with the high-frequency 1″ soft dome tweeters provide excellent coherence. The cooperation between the drivers and their matching is excellent. This is evidenced by the sound, which consists of real deep and powerful bass.

Smart, magnetic grille mounting

Both finish versions, White High Gloss and Black High Gloss sport same black color, acoustically transparent grilles. However, if you decide that gray grilles are more appropriate for your listening room, you can get a pair of these offered as an accessory. The grills are magnetically attached, so we eliminated the visible mounting pins, resulting in a beautiful, unobstructed view of the beautiful front.


10 Years Warranty!

Extra-long warranty period
at no extra charge for worry free listening

Free Shipping in EU

Loudspeakers delivered at no cost
within European Community

45-days Return Policy

Longer time to make an
informed decision at home
"The Wilson EL-8s play evenly and expressively across the entire bandwidth. Although the EL-8 technique itself is light" in every respect, the most important thing is that it has been skillfully applied, resulting in a sound as good as it looks. That is, very good. (-) Dynamic, direct, communicative, exceptional readability and articulation of vocals, without heating up, without brightening, but also without "shadowing". Bass power adjustable (bass-reflex/closed)."
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"The EL-8 is the floor-standing model of the Exclusive Line series, which now consists of two members, where the EL-4, is a stand cabinet. The enclosures, with their classic slotted shape, eschew all fashionable design trends and, to emphasize their elegance, are available only in high-gloss black and white. As a floorstanding loudspeaker, the EL-8 is a very reasonably priced model with a tasteful design and quality finish (-), and the lacquer finish is also very well done. "
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"After our fourth Wilson test, we can conclude that the manufacturer is on the right track. The Exclusive Line series is already a real strong point for the big boys," and in some respects it has even managed to surpass its peers from more established companies. Its looks will make it an absolute home gem for those with a more conservative style, its energetic, rich sound may not win the hearts of lovers of softer, warm, airy tones, but it will provide plenty of happy hours for those who prefer a hotter sound."
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"The Wilsons don't pretend to do anything by force, and play with great freedom, effortlessly conveying a variety of sonic complexities both in terms of dynamic presentation (especially on the micro scale), as well as timbre and space. (-) Their most important features include not only high-end workmanship, but above all the sound, drawing you into the abyss of musical experience like music performed by the legendary group Tangerine Dream."
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"The Wilson EL-8 loudspeakers will give a liking to most styles of music. Their speed and transparency mean that, without adding any unnecessary elements from themselves, they will play faithfully, without coloring. You can see this as an advantage, you can also perceive it as a disadvantage, but you can't accuse them of coloring anything for us while listening. If you are bothered by playing the extremes of the bands in your system, they can make you like your system anew and get a lively but not obtrusive sound in return."
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Proven marriage of products for stereo listening

The EL-8 are elegant and positionable loudspeakers that will perform well in many rooms working seamlessly with almost any amplifier.

EL-8 performs perfect with

EL-10 performs perfect with


Type: Floorstanding speaker
Frequency response[+/- 3] dB [Hz]: 40-20.000 Hz
Sensitivity [2.83V/1m] [dB]: 91 dB
Impedance: 4-8 Ohm
Maximum SPL [dB]: 110 dB
Recommended amp: 50-220 Watts
Crossover Frequencies [Hz]: 700 Hz /2500 Hz
High Frequency Driver: 1"" (25mm) soft dome
Midrange driver: 1 x 5”, cellulose membrane
Low frequency driver: 2 x 6 ½ ”, cellulose membrane
System, Enclosure Type: Bass Reflex
Connection lnput(s): double, binding posts, gold-plated, banana-plug compatible.
Accessories included: spikes
Available finishes: Black, White
Dimensions: 195 x 1160 x 302 mm
Net weight: 16.70 kg


Exclusive Line EL-8 – Product Sheet

Exclusive Line EL-8 – User’s Manual

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