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Perfect fit and unbeatable appearance

Classic Stand is designed specifically for Wilson Classic loudspeakers. Made of MDF elements, but is irresistibly reminiscent of industrial, metal speaker stands from several decades ago. Creates an ideal, almost inseparable set with the loudspeakers, not only adding an audiophile touch, but also positioning the loudspeakers placed on them at an ideal listening height for the listeners sitting in front of them.

The surface of the stands is coated with a textured veneer reminiscent of fine-grained hammerblow paint, which gives the stands an appearance that resembles steel molding, adding visual weight to the entire structure.

The stands are equipped with large brass-colored aluminum tapered spikes, intentionally enlarged in size to become the highlight of this design.


Type: Dedicated floor stand
Main material: solid MDF, aluminium
Available finish: Black with brass color covered aluminium
Accessories included: 4 pcs metal spikes, 4 pcs metal plates, 4 pcs silicone feet
Dimensions: 280 x 422 x 325 mm
Net weight:
7.00 kg


Classic Stand – Product Sheet

Classic Stand – Assembly Manual

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