Exclusive Line EL-10

Wilson EL-10, featuring a 3-way system, are the largest speakers in the Exclusive Line. Available in black or white high gloss finish, these speakers will provide an attractive and yet noble addition to every interior.

Exclusive Line EL-8

Exclusive Line EL-8 is an exceptionally elegant and modern loudspeaker system. With their slender cabinets, luxurious black piano lacquer, and meticulous craftsmanship, these loudspeakers will be the centerpiece of any elegant living room or listening room.

Exclusive Line EL-4

Exclusive Line EL-4 are a sleek, modern loudspeakers. They can be the centerpiece of any elegant living room or designated listening space, thanks to its luxurious piano finish and classy looking cabinets. We also took great care to ensure that the quality of the varnish coating was made to the highest standards.

Vocal EL

Vocal EL is a premium center speaker – an indispensable component of a home cinema system. The combination of this speaker with the other components of the Exclusive Line family in a home cinema set-up guarantees the impression of real surround sound and clear-sounding dialogues, thus translating into realism of the viewed image and high quality of reception.