Wilson Raptor 7 speakers test – Audio-Video

On a European level

Today anyone can create a new brand, register a trademark, develop a website, and start selling. It is a little bit more difficult to find a contractor (in China for example), put together a product range, and possible the most difficult task is to ensure a wide end effective distribution network for the developed products, without overlooking certain details.

Warsaw’s Horn, one of the largest distributors of specialist audio and video equipment in Poland, decided that it wants its own speaker brand, to be able to compete more effectively in retail chains. Whereas in most cases products of this type do not find their way into professional publications due to the concerns of the interested parties themselves pertaining to test results, it seems that when it comes to Wilsons, it’s the other way around. The PR department boss, surprisingly confident, convinced me to test the Cinematic (AV 11/2016) set, and a few months down the line he sprung the Raptors onto me. I knew that it will not be the famous American brand pickup, which I quite like recently – what a pity! – but a pair of stereo speakers: smaller “fives” or larger “sevens”. I did not have to think for long. These are Raptors, they it had to be the bigger ones. And here they are…

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