“Discover speakers, which will satisfy the tastes of discerning music lovers and ideally complement each interior décor style.
Awaken your senses and reach a new level in experiencing music.”

“Bass-reflex port in speakers
compact at the back”

“Speaker connectors:
screw in in main floor standing
terminals (spring loaded)”

“Available colours:
Black, white”

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Raptor speakers line

“Wilson Raptor speakers deliver audiophile sound quality to your home. Built by an experienced team of engineers using top quality materials, their quality significantly exceeds that which might be suggested by their price band.

The Raptor series comprises six different products large Raptor 7 and Raptor 5 floor standing speakers, Raptor 3 and smaller Raptor 1 compact speakers, Raptor Vokal central speaker as well as the small Raptor Mini. A given set can be configured to achieve an the perfect sound in any space and from any sound source,

The speakers are available in white or black wood imitation finish.”


Let yourself be engulfed by an intense, vibrant sound of your favourite tracks.
Only top quality materials are used to make WILSON brand RAPTOR series speakers.
The speakers feature Bass Reflex enclosure, made out of top quality wood.
Transducers are constructed on the basis of neodymium magnets and articulated elements are perfectly balanced.
The available colours mean that the speakers will complement both extravagant as well as more conservative interiors.


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