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WILSON brand RAPTOR 5 speaker, dimensions: 839 x 170 x 263 mm, weight: 10.5 kg. The product includes spikes insulating speaker vibrations from the surface on which it is standing as well as a user manual.

RAPTOR5 – a top quality floor standing WILSON brand RAPTOR series speaker, featuring a wood like structure finish Bass Reflex type enclosure, available in black or white. This is a smaller version of the RAPTOR 7 floor standing speaker. The RAPTOR 5 speaker, similar to its larger version, will complement classical, conservative interiors as well as extravagant spaces, matching the apartment’s contemporary style. The product also (similar to the RAPTOR7) is a new addition to our range and is already a favourite with our customers. The primary difference between the smaller and larger speaker versions are differences in the lower bandwidth.

The speaker is able to produce a sound frequency range of (±3 dB) 45-20,000 Hz, which translates into a crisp and clear sound. Thus it is important to check the sound bandwidth before choosing equipment for your home. That specification makes it possible to assess the given speaker’s sound quality. It should be noted that sound quality does not only depend on the bandwidth – speaker sensitivity is also significant. The sensitivity of a RAPTOR 5 speaker (2.83 V/1 m) is 88 dB. In simple terms sensitivity is the efficiency of a given model. That parameter indicates the maximum volume that the given module is able to generate.

Device impedance, or alternating current resistance falls within the 4-8 Ohm range. This information is of fundamental importance when choosing an amplifier to work with the speakers, as its impedance should not be lower than that of the speaker’s rating. For this product the recommended amplifier power is between 40 and 150 W.

Single speaker terminals facilitate a smoother propagation of sound across the entire space. The RAPTOR 5 floor standing speaker is more than suitable for various home cinema systems, delivering a high quality sound experience both based on a home cinema AVR as well as amplifier based stereo systems (e.g. Denon).

The RAPTOR 5 floor standing speaker includes a 1″ (25mm) tweeter with a soft dome as well as : 2x 5″ woofers /mid range drivers for an even clearer sound.

Remember that quality of a given product is the primary criteria to consider when thinking about a purchase.

bandwidth (±3 dB): 45-20.000 Hz
sensitivity (2.83 V/1 m): 88 dB
impedance: 4-8 Ohm
maximum SPL: 108 dB
recommended amplifier power: 0-150 W
inverter frequency: 2 400 Hz
tweeter: 1″ (25mm) soft dome
woofers / mid range drivers: 2x 6½"
enclosure: Bass Reflex

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Black, White

2016-12-29 - RAPTOR manual (PDF, 4386 KB)

2017-06-21 - RAPTOR leaflet (PDF, 837 KB)

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2017-06-21 - RAPTOR 5 (PDF, 1873 KB)
2017-06-21 - RAPTOR advert (PDF, 2447 KB)

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