Safe payments and instalments

Why PayU | Express?

It’s fast.

Pay for your online purchases in just 0.5 seconds.
There is no need to open additional payment pages.

It’s convenient.

You do not have to log into the bank, enter your card details or copy passwords.
Payments are hassle free, regardless of what device you use.

It’s safe.

Together with your bank we have put together a solution which guarantees your payments are safe and secure.
You do not share the login or password to your on-line banking with us.
All transactions are covered by the PayU Buyer Protection Programme
For transactions over and above certain limits we will require further authorisation from you.

Who can benefit from PayU | Express?

Everyone! All you have top have is a bank card or an account at one of the banks which work with us.


Purchase on-line and pay in instalments with PayU.

The entire process is conducted on-line. You do not have to wait for a courier to sign a paper agreement.

How does it work?

The entire process entails just a few steps and you should have a decision within 15 minutes.

  1. Select products – your purchase has to be between
    300 zł amend 20,000 zł.
  2. Select PayU instalments – decide how many years to spread the payments over.
  3. Fill out an application form – wait a dozen or so minutes for an answer and confirm your details.


You decide how many instalments there will be.
Have a look at the benefits of PayU instalments.

Get an instalment plan without leaving your house or waiting for a courier – the entire process is on-line.

Now PayU instalments are available at more that 6 thousand eShops.


Indulge yourself with PayU | Instalments
You dream home cinema setup?

The headphones you’ve always wanted? Do not deny yourself the pleasure.
Purchase quickly and safely with PayU instalments.
Discover for yourself how simple it is.

Buyer Protection Program

Get up to 10,000 zł back with the Buyer Protection Program

Pay using your PayU account and take advantage of the BPP to recover your money


How does it work?

In a transaction is unsuccessful, you are just a few steps away from recovering your money.


What are the benefits of the Buyer Protection Program?

We protect your finances when making on-line payments.
You can be 100% certain that if the transaction is unsuccessful, you will get your money back.

You can recover even up to 10,000 with the BPP!

  • you are entitled to a refund of 100% of its price
  • if the subject of the transaction significantly differs from the description,
    you will receive 50% of the amount which you paid
  • additionally we ensure a refund of delivery costs of up to 100 PLN


When can you take advantage of the BPP?

Whenever you use your PayU account to pay for on-line purchases or if you set up a PayU account after making a transaction.