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Wilson RAPTOR 5

Looking at the entire group I was somewhat taken aback (not necessarily worried) by the fact than high tones are not exposed anywhere. Tests confirm this, and that seems contrary to the conviction that low budget speakers play very “commercial” (perhaps “low-commercial” would be better) sounds, and cater for less refined tastes by satisfying them mostly by bass and top. However, nowhere where they over the top, despite bass being as powerful as possible taking into account the technical conditions; even the stick like Speaker Boxes 10 tried to enchant us with their warm, dense sound, a substitute of “real” bass. We have a good spread in Raptor 5s, and the bass level and character was skilfully selected. There is plenty of it, more than Melodika, but it is not all about the bass, but more so about the entire profile and composition; Wilsons play lower; whereas BL30s lightened it up a bit, Raptor 5s “add weight”, and in their interpretation, less brilliant vocals, do not even approach impertinence but become “meatier”. And they are superbly separated, shaped, are not dull and sunk in the sound of lower registers, the transition of bass to medium range is clear and not coloured. Thus when it comes to tones, Raptor 5s are darker than BL30, but no less dynamic 0 they even have a more powerful bang and do not err on the side of warmth and softness.

High tones, even though balanced, are clear, crisp, refined in the expression of detail and the most delicate of sounds. A comparison with BL30s is adequate, as both are of a similar size, proportions and driver potential (even though the aesthetics differ significantly). Their sounds diverge in different directions, BL30s are more “positive”, lighter, and freer in constructing the stage, Raptor 5s stay closer to neutral, cohesion, dynamics and precision, achieving a high level of culture. I expected more excesses, or even extreme “commercialisation”, as I heard whispers about a “bass priority ” which was established in this project, but that was implemented with restraint, and the strong, plastic diameter is an excelled “side effect”. Perhaps the designer’s bass ambitions where curbed by the limited opportunities to hit the bass by the two 15s. If so, then it’s a win-win situation, as Raptor 7s have more bass, and they will cater for a specific customer, with Raptor 5s less – and they will certainly find their audience. And price will not be the only decisive factor here. Raptor 5s have a fierce name, but their sound only presents a threat to the competition.
Andrzej Kisiel

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Wilson MoviX speakers test –


There are cinema sets event half the price of this one. But you don’t get something for nothing. The question is whether all we want to do is have boxes to show off standing in our living room, or whether we are looking for a relatively budget priced solution, but one which plays better than it looks. We can safely say that Wilson MoviX 5.0’s price to quality ratio is very good. There is a lot of potential in these speakers and it would be worth reaching it by purchasing an efficient AVR in a similar or higher price range. The basic MoviX 5.0 set will satisfy most needs of a budding cinema maniac. The fronts go down quite low and the sub-woofer is not necessary, but building a home cinema without it is like cooking broth without salt. It is the power of bass which separates watching films from listening to music.

In looking for an AVR, find one with an auto-calibration system.
Here we can see a microphone of a cardboard base which is placed at the height of a viewer’s ears.

A smartly configured stereophonic set will bring much joy, but one cannot call it a home cinema. For most consumers 5.1 systems comprise an optimal configuration and the market standard. Then we have two front channels, a central speaker responsible for dialogues – a very important aspect (it can be assumed that 60% of the soundtrack comprises dialogues rather than explosions). This is complemented by two special effects channels which build depth.

Watching a movie without being surrounded in sound is possible, but lest not forget that evolution made us sensitive to subtle sound signals of the proverbial predators. A crack or a snapping twig and that same crack right behind us are two completely different situations: in the first instance we are the hunters, in the second – the hunted.

Wilson Raptor 7 speakers test – Audio-Video

On a European level

Today anyone can create a new brand, register a trademark, develop a website, and start selling. It is a little bit more difficult to find a contractor (in China for example), put together a product range, and possible the most difficult task is to ensure a wide end effective distribution network for the developed products, without overlooking certain details.

Warsaw’s Horn, one of the largest distributors of specialist audio and video equipment in Poland, decided that it wants its own speaker brand, to be able to compete more effectively in retail chains. Whereas in most cases products of this type do not find their way into professional publications due to the concerns of the interested parties themselves pertaining to test results, it seems that when it comes to Wilsons, it’s the other way around. The PR department boss, surprisingly confident, convinced me to test the Cinematic (AV 11/2016) set, and a few months down the line he sprung the Raptors onto me. I knew that it will not be the famous American brand pickup, which I quite like recently – what a pity! – but a pair of stereo speakers: smaller “fives” or larger “sevens”. I did not have to think for long. These are Raptors, they it had to be the bigger ones. And here they are…

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Wilson Raptor 3 speakers test – StereoLife

The verdict

It is difficult to assess a product of I don’t really know where it came from, who it is addressed to and whether it will survive on the market. However, sidestepping the fact that the brand is entirely new, Raptor 3s look really good. At no time did I have the feeling that I am dealing with a very cheap product, even though if compared to more expensive speakers, I could point out a few flaws. Whenever that happened, thee though that these are only budget, or even very budget monitors came to my mind. The 599 zł per piece price tag means that we have no tight to complain about some things. This does not mean that I immediately became a Wilson fan, but for someone, who does not feel the burning urge to be part of the crazy audio world, this is almost an ideal product. At least to start off with, because if someone, right at the outset, wants to own similar speakers from a higher class, there is a plethora of brands and models to choose from, but then they have to be prepared for a heftier price. For me, the Wilson Raptor 3 is an interesting option for those with small amps or even digital all-in-one systems such as Marantz Melody or Denon CEOL. These monitors will bring you no shame for normal, everyday listening. Even though they do seduce you at first and then turn out not to be so well-behaved and universal. Well, in return we get good dynamics and a good stereo scene. And if such a product can be delivered by a company who arrived on the market like a jack-in-a-box, then who are we to complain?

Wilson Raptor 7 floor standing speakers test and opinion

Wilson Cinematic 5.0 speaker set test – Audio-Video

A good cinema?

Today, creating own equipment brands is common practice. This applies to all commercial activities – starting with the food industry, through clothing and all the way to electronics, accessories and cables. There are thousands of manufacturers in China, just waiting for orders from Europe or the United States. There is no shortage of such examples in Poland either. Some brands created for the needs of the Polish market have seen significant success – Koda or TAGA to name a few.

If the product is good and the brand owner continually improves it, then why not? Both sides benefit: the customer can obtain a product at a lower price mark than an analogous item by an established brand, whereas the brand owner, who is also the distributor, maximises profits. The Wilson brand is the result of just such a process by one of Poland’s largest distribution companies, which is also present on two other markets – Hungarian and Swiss. The subject of the test is a 5 – band Wilson Cinematic 5.0 speaker set. We have to say, the name brings to mind the best possible connotations. The collective packaging also provides an illusion of dealing with a “European” product: the signs, similar to the instructions are in eight language versions, which is practically unheard of…

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